About the Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry from Shining Stones

I started making jewelry after I got sober.

It was a latent creative spark, one I didn't know I had, an unexpected gift I discovered after about six months of sobriety.   As an adult, I never had any hobbies or creative outlets, but I always longed for something.    One day, while perusing the aisles of a local craft store, I saw a simple beading kit, and fell in love.   I took it home, spread the contents out on a table, marveling at the beauty of the stones, the endless possibilities.  My love for making jewelry was born.

I began by making recovery jewelry, and it is still my first love.   I adore creating pieces for women in recovery, made from stones that carry special meanings.    Every stone has a meaning.   Garnet balances your natural energy, amethyst promotes calmness, serenity and sobriety.   Agate and Onyx are protection stones, and quartz is the greatest of all healing stones.    The list goes on and on.

Using semi-precious stones I can create jewelry that holds a special, private meaning for the wearer, without broadcasting to the world what it means.

I also adore making jewelry with alphabet or messages beads, to create personalized messages of gratitude, serenity, hope and peace, to name a few.

Using semi-precious stones or swarovksi crystals, these pieces are the perfect gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself.

Two of my most popular items are my mother's bracelets, using Swarovski birthstone crystals and/or alphabet beads to create the perfect customized gift.

I love wire wrapping - the possibilities are endless - and create unique pendants, bracelets and rings out of wire.

So whether you would like something with special meaning, or just something for fun, please stop by my Etsy shop, Shining Stones, and have a look.   

Have some design ideas of your own?   I'd love to hear them!   Come to me with your thoughts, dreams and ideas and together we can create the perfect customized piece.   Just send me an email me at:   ellieandsteve@verizon.net

Thank you.