Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Meeting of the Minds

We have a full day today, and I have a lot on my mind. We kick off today with a visit to the vet; our cat, Coalie, is getting neutered and we have to drop him off by 9am. I put Greta on the bus, and Finn and I hop in the car with the pissed-off kitty and head to the vet. I want to use the time in the car to think through the day and figure out how I'm going to get it all done.

I'll leave the vet by 9am, head home and make those two calls I need to make, put the laundry...

"Momma?" Finn's little voice pipes up from the back seat.

"Yes?" I'll put the laundry away, and then head to the bead store..

"Where do we keep our parachutes?"

"Ummm, we don't have any parachutes." .... I'll head to the bead store and then the supermar-

"Why don't we have any parachutes?"

... supermarket and pick up the goodies for the playgroup tomorrow... "We don't need them, honey."

"We need to get parachutes. What about da other kind of parachute?"

I'll get home around 11am and will pick up the house to get ready for the cl -

"MOMMA! Why don't we have da other kind of parachute?"

"The other kind? I don't know what you mean." ... get ready for the cleaners at noon. Then I'll make some ord-

"DA OTHER KIND! Da closed kind? The red kind?"

"I'm sorry, hon. I don't know what you mean."

"We gotta get some parachutes, can we do dat today?"

"We have a busy day today, and we don't need parachutes." -- make some orders and my customer is coming by at 1pm. Once she leaves I'll -

"Momma? I good at everything."

"Mmm Hmmm," I reply distractedly. "You are." ... once she leaves I'll address the rest of the invites -

"But I specially good at letters. Specially "O". Dey are easy for me."

..address the rest of the invites and get to the post office by -

"Did you hear me Momma? I good at Os!" office by 2:30pm and get back to get Greta off -

"Momma? I look like a ... what are dose things called? Dose Christmas things?"

... get Greta off the bus and make those..

"MOMMA! What are dose Christmas things called? Not Santa, da other things?"

"Reindeer?" .... and make those appointments for the kids' check-ups and dentist -

"NO! Da little people? Who help Santa?"

"Elves?" ... dentist. Then I'll help Greta with her homework, and get to the librar-

"YES! Elves. I look like an Elf. I like elves. I have a friend at school who is an elf."

...library to return those overdue books. Greta has socc-

"Momma? Look at dat house. Its freaking me out. Is it freaking you out?" practice at 6pm, and then I'll meet up with -

"MOMMA! Is dat house freaking you out too?"

"Ummm, yes. That house is freaking me out." ... meet up with my friends at 6:45pm to go to the meeting - I have to call Ste-

"Momma? What are the words to dat song? Da one from school?"

... have to call Steve to remind him to be home ...."what song?"

"Dis land is your land, dis land is my land, from California to da... to da...."

....home by 6:30, no wait, he needs to come to the soccer field.... "New York Islands?"

"New York islands, from da wed wood fowest to.... to.... what are da words?"

....needs to come to the soccer field instead..... "to the gulf stream waters?"

"DA GULF STWEAM WAA - AAA -TERS - sing it wif me Momma!!"

"This land was made for you and meeeee!" we sing together.

Now, where was I?


  1. I am exhausted just reading that.

  2. You just described my car rides every day with my girls. And the random things they think of!

  3. I have so been there sister. Did you get half of that list done?? If so, you are a rock star!

  4. You just nailed my life right on! This is what goes on in my brain every day :)