Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Finn loves to talk to me when I'm reading. I guess the way he sees it, I'm immobile and I'm silent, so what better time to talk? Earlier, the kids were eating dinner and my work for the day was done, so I cozied up in a chair to read me some David Sedaris. I got two sentences in, and Finn wanders up to me. He is quiet for, like, fifteen seconds, and then off he goes.

"How come you can't light fireworks in the house?"

"Ummm, because the house would catch on fire."

"Are fireworks magic?"

I am still pretending to read, hoping this line of questioning won't last long. "Sure," I say.

"Maybe there's a magic crystal inside them, with a beautiful piece of gold inside. Maybe that is how they work."


"Maybe the magic gold lights a magic stick and makes beautiful lights. Maybe."

I don't respond instantaneously, so he continues. "Outer space is cool. I wished I could go to outer space. Then I could fwoat."

I nod.

"Maybe I could build a rocket ship with sticks and fireworks. But if I did you might get mad."

He is quiet for a minute, swinging his hands back and forth.

"You need a rocket ship to go to outer space. I wished we had a rocket ship."

Again, silence from me.

"Are rocket ships magic? Do you know how to dwive a rocket ship? I wished I could dwive a rocket ship. But I'm only fwee and the policeman would get me."

I keep pretending to read.

"Did you know that baps are actually owls?" (baps are bats, for the uninformed.)

"Ummm - I think bats are actually flying mice" I venture.

He starts flying around the room, pretending to be a bap. "I can't believe baps are flying mice," he says. "I wished I was a bap. Do you wish you were a bap?"

I sigh.

"Do you want me to stop talking?" he asks.

My heart lurches a bit. "No, honey," I say with resignation, "I like it when you talk."

Then he says, "I could talk in a different diwection if you want."

I smile, and his cute little face lights up.

He starts zooming around the room again, and says, "Yeah, I think it is definitely magic that makes fireworks and rocket ships. Definitely."


  1. OMG this is such a great post...oh and I love Baps by the way!

    and yes it's all somehow magic isn't it, even if we can't read a full paragraph of the beloved Sedaris, it's all magic.


  2. I know. Sometimes I wonder why I was so anxious to have my baby learn to talk. But other times he says the best stuff. i have to learn to just let him be.