Friday, August 28, 2009

Check List

Let's see....

1) warm comfy bed? CHECK

2) favorite pillow? CHECK

3) sunsplashed room? CHECK

4) hand on kitty? CHECK

5) unwashed face? CHECK

6) cozy blanket in hand? CHECK

7) cozy blanket up nose? CHECK

Ahhhh .. just right....................


  1. Sweet. You can almost feel the warmth!

  2. Is it a hankie or a blankie?

  3. So cute! Will always has the "bunt sign" on when he's asleep.

  4. LOL! Wonderful!!!!! Btw - Not sure if you've ever noodled this. Our relationship with animals can be a real barometer of mental well being.... I remember your relationship with Cassie before sobriety. Love your posting all the more because of this....